School Visits

School Visits

We can visit your school all year round and provide you with amazing hands on educational themed talk about Owls and Birds of Prey,  helping children to learn and understand about these magical creatures.

There is so much to learn about Owls….

How do they see in the dark?  Are the ears tufts really ears? How do they fly so silently? How their feathers are structured and work, and which owls can be seen at night in this country, etc?

Our professionally trained falconers/tutors  aim is to help children learn and understand more about our indigenous species of owls and what they can do to help protect them and also how the birds can teach us about our own everyday lives. These birds are diminishing in the wild for a variety of reasons: habitat loss, loss of prey item due to intensive farming are just a few.

During our visit we will deliver a talk suitable to the age and ability of the children, on anatomy, distibution, flight and nutrition, as well as linking it to other subjects of your choice. We also cover subjects within the National Curriculum including: living things in the environment, food chains, feeding relationships and hunting techniques.

Whatever the subject we are able to cater our talks to the children’s needs. The talk will be interactive and fun, and provide opportunities to handle some of the birds. Imagine the range of feelings they will experience when fantasy comes alive in the surroundings of their own School and a Barn Owl swoops low over the childrens heads.

It’s so important to engage children in wildlife & nature at an early stage; it could be a lifelong love, it certainly was for us. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of seeing our birds and letting the children have a few hours of unique and magical fun. Our talks can be part of a key stage topic or just a fun end of term treat.

We charge  £4.50 per child for a minimum of 30 children, any children over this number will be included for £2.00 per child.

For local schools within Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin there will be no additional mileage costs. For schools outside of these areas we have an additional mileage cost of .45p per mile outside a 10 mile radius of Telford.


Please email us on or call us on 07866 786142  if you would like to discuss how we can help with your childrens learning.