Falconry Awards

 Falconry Raptor Awards

Endorsed by the Hawk Board, Raptor Awards have designed the first level of training to establish a standard of competence for beginners. This is known as the Keeping and Working With Birds of Prey and is administered by Raptor Awards.

Raptor Awards  is an expert body serving the Bird of Prey Community. They specialise in the development of National and Occupational Standards for Bird of Prey Keepers.

The award is available through a number of Approved Training Providers where recognised Assesors will check the depth of knowledge and practical competence of candidates.

Feather Perfect Falconry CIC has direct access to an approved Raptor Award assessor, so you can easily be assessed against these recognised falconry standards.

The content of this first level is set out in a Candidates Workbook, along with recommendations of where to source the knowledge and how this might be presented. You need not be intimidated by the prospect of an assessment as there is no pass/fail criterion. The aim is to raise everybody’s level of competence so that the welfare of their birds and the future of the sport is well cared for. Anyone not reaching the required standard will simply be encouraged to continue until they do satisfy it. Those areas already passed will not have to be retaken, only those where greater experience or knowledge is desirable

Why should I do the course

Additionally, we now have the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 which places an on-going responsibility of care on the breeders and vendors of livestock.

Anyone selling an animal or bird, to a person who is subsequently found guilty of neglect, cruelty or a failure to care for it properly, will themselves be liable under law and can be prosecuted!

Some breeders are already requiring novice falconers to have the Keeping and Working With Birds of Prey Raptor Award before being prepared to supply them with birds and this trend is certain to increase. Also, some professionals associated with falconry, e.g. falconry centres, pest control services, specialist veterinary practices and agricultural colleges, are requiring this award as a recognised qualification for employment.


What are the costs

Because the Raptor Award(s) are available to both complete novices, and those who may already be flying and caring for a hawk successfully, there is no fixed training time or fee.

Candidate 1

Beginner with no or very little experience will be required to complete 3 half day sessions along with telephone and email support,  These 2 modules will give you a solid foundation of  knowledge to help you. You will also have your workbook which you have researched and built,  to use as a reference manual in the future. After you have completed your workbook you will need to come along for your half day assessment. remember there is no pass or fail, you must prove that you have a full and proper knowledge of all the moduls and if certain areas are not complete enough we will just suggest that they need to be covered to a greater depth. You can then review and resubmit that section, and this should prove you have sufficient competence on the subject.

The cost of this will be £240 plus registration fee £35.00

Candidate 2

A practicing falconer might only need a review of their submitted workbook to ensure that it fulfills the requirements of the award and the Assessment itself.

This with Registration fee is only £150






Module 3

Conditioning and Flying Free a Bird of Prey

This unit can be taken after completion of 1 and 2 at an additional cost

this will cover the following areas

1 . Flying Free

2.  Getting Fit

3.  Preparing a Bird of Prey for Hawking

4.  Entering on artificial Prey

5.  Advanced Radio Tracking