Falconry courses

Lantra Training Centre


At Feather Perfect Falconry we can offer you a variety of courses for Falconry Training. We have a team of Lantra trained falconers together with a Lantra Assessor to deliver to you comprehensive and professional training. Lantra Awards and the Hawk Board have together developed and launched an award for would-be falconers and bird of prey keepers along with Lantra SSC the Sector Skills Council for the Land Based and Environmental Sector, ensuring that it was tailored to all falconry and bird of prey keeping needs.

This award has been developed by Lantra Awards with the assistance of falconers throughout the UK, who have helped to define the body of knowledge and practical skills required. It is a formal award intended for those who are new to falconry, or those who wish to keep Raptors and/or Owls. This Award is approved by the Hawk Board and is administered by Lantra Awards.

The Award assumes that candidates have no previous knowledge or experience and covers all aspects up to Flying to the fist,  after which the raptor can be flown free and taken hunting. Therefore, falconry, in this context, does not mean hunting with birds of prey, although subsequent modules could cover this. Further Awards in respect of more advanced husbandry, breeding and falconry may be introduced later so as to provide a progression path for candidates.

The award is granted to those candidates who are able to demonstrate an understanding of the relevant background knowledge, and those practical skills necessary to keep a Bird of Prey in a healthy and happy condition. The Award consists of two units:

Unit 1 Bird of Prey management and husbandry

Module 1 Housing

Module 2 Hygiene

Module 3 Feeding and food preparation

Module 4 Health

Module 5 Species suitability and legislation

Unit 2 Basic Falconry techniques

Module 6 Purchasing your first bird

Module 7 Essential equipment

Module 8 Picking up and carrying

Module 9 Feeding and manning

Module 10 Weighing and weight management

Module 11 Flying to the fist

Advanced Falconry Courses (approved by lantra)

For a more in depth apprenticeship course over 10-15 days, these can be taken as and when you like, we can offer a bespoke course that will take you from picking up a bird for the first time, to actually going out in the field and hunting it . You will be trained by a professional falconer on a one to one basis. there is no fixed time for this course as students progress at different levels.

One to One apprentiship courses are charged at a daily rate of £100 ( incl Lunch)

These courses can be taken whenever you like and do not have to be on block booked, enabling you to pay when your budget allows.

Please call us to discuss your requirments. You will keep all your course work for future reference